Honda Engines

Prokart Engineering is the most established GX160 Engine tuner in the UK.

With numerous titles under our belt we can supply engines that are ready to run at the front of any series. Whether it be Prokart Sprints/Endurance or Cadet Racing we can help you.

With a state of the art Dyno we can give exact Power and Torque measurements and tune your engine to its maximum potential.

We recommend the use of Eneos 0/20 oil in all Honda engines, this can be purchased from us direct, our eBay Shop, Zoom Karts or Demon Tweeks.

Modified engines are also available. Please contact us for details.

Services and Pricing

Dyno Test 
Full Rebuild
£95 (Plus Parts)
Head Rebuild   
£40 (Plus Parts)
Carburettor Sonic Clean & Rebuild
£20 (Plus Parts)

MSA Race Tuned Engine
MSA Race Tuned Optimized Engine
                            All Prices Plus VAT at current rate